Wurst 7.9 - SnowShoe, AltManager Export, Bugfixes

WARNING: This version can be vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit if paired with an outdated version of Fabric Loader. New installations automatically get the patched version, but if you installed this some time ago, you might need to reinstall Fabric to get the patch.

This version of the Wurst Hacked Client is available for Minecraft 1.16.4, 1.16.3, 1.16.2, 1.16.1 and 1.15.2, as well as snapshots 20w51a and 20w49a.


  • Added SnowShoe: Allows you to walk on powder snow.

  • Added an “Export” button to AltManager. Allows you to make plain text backups of your alt list.

  • Added JSON support to AltManager’s “Import” and “Export” buttons.

  • Renamed the “Use” and “Star” buttons in AltManager to “Login” and “Favorite” to make it more clear what these buttons do.

  • Added a “Filter babies” checkbox to FeedAura. (Thanks to Mersid!)

  • The random ID for counting users is now changed every 3 days instead of every 30 days.

  • Fixed a crash when using AutoMine.

  • Fixed a rare crash when using AltManager.

  • Fixed a rare crash when using RemoteView.

  • Fixed a crash when AutoBuild tries to load a template file that is corrupted.

  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a server while Wurst is disabled.

  • Fixed CaveFinder not resetting properly when moving to different dimension.

  • Fixed CaveFinder not working properly on low render distances.

  • Removed the backspace shortcut from Navigator’s main screen, since it was interfering with the search bar. It still works on the “feature” screen, since that one doesn’t have a search bar.

  • Removed the Sentry integration.

Features In This Release

Hacks, Cheats, and Mods: (click to expand)
Chat Commands: (click to expand)
Other Features: (click to expand)

Want more? Suggest new features!


  • Window-based ClickGUI (press Right CTRL to open).

  • Navigator (press Right Shift to open).

  • TabGUI (must be enabled through Navigator, use with Arrow Keys and Enter).


All keybinds can be changed in-game. Go to Wurst Options > Keybinds or type .help binds in the chat.

Default Keybinds: (click to expand)
  • B -> FastPlace;FastBreak
  • C -> Fullbright
  • G -> Flight
  • Ö -> SpeedNuker
  • H -> /home
  • J -> Jesus
  • K -> MultiAura
  • N -> Nuker
  • R -> Killaura
  • Right CTRL -> ClickGUI
  • Right Shift -> Navigator
  • U -> Freecam
  • X -> X-Ray
  • Z -> Sneak


See this tutorial for a more detailed explanation with pictures.

  1. Download the Fabric installer (choose either EXE or JAR)

  2. Run the Fabric installer (if you can’t run it, install Java first)

  3. Download Wurst and the Fabric API (see the download buttons below).

  4. Place both Wurst and the Fabric API in your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder.

If you can’t launch the game, it usually means you have the wrong version of something. See “How to fix your Wurst installation” for details.


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