Wurst is a client-side utility mod designed to supercharge your Minecraft experience. Equipped with a vast arsenal of cheats, hacks, and other utilities, the Wurst Client ensures that you'll always have the upper edge in your Minecraft adventures.

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Features (253)

A full list of Wurst's features can be found below.
Note that not all of these features are available in all Minecraft versions.

Cheats (171)

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Other Features (24)

Default Keybinds (14)

These are the default keybinds when you first install Wurst. All of them are fully customizable!
Note that Minecraft versions before 1.14 have slightly different defaults.

  • B → FastPlace & FastBreak
  • C → Fullbright
  • G → Flight
  • ; → SpeedNuker
  • H → /home
  • J → Jesus
  • K → MultiAura
  • N → Nuker
  • R → Killaura
  • Right CTRL → ClickGUI
  • Right SHIFT → Navigator
  • U → Freecam
  • X → X-Ray
  • Y → Sneak

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The Wurst Client is one of, if not the best Minecraft hack.


For those who relish in survival mode, this client is a godsend!


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