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  • When will Wurst be updated to Minecraft 1.13?
    We cannot update Wurst to Minecraft 1.13 until the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) becomes available for 1.13. It is possible that the MCP will skip 1.13 and will instead be updated to 1.14 - and in that case we will do the same with Wurst. It is also possible that Minecraft Forge will be updated to 1.13/1.14 before the MCP is released, in which case we will update ForgeWurst first.

  • How do I install Wurst? What do I do with the downloaded files?
    Please read our installation tutorial.

  • I have Minecraft 1.12.2. Why does the Wurst MC 1.12 installer say that it couldn't find my Minecraft installation?
    You need Minecraft 1.12, not 1.12.2. Open the Minecraft launcher, create a profile using "release 1.12" and launch it once.

  • Why can't I run the cross-platform Wurst installer? (.JAR)
    Maybe you don't have Java installed (or you are using the wrong version*). Maybe you have configured your computer to open .JAR files with some other program than Java. Or maybe you are simply using "java.exe" instead of "javaw.exe".

    *Some older versions of our installer do not support Java 9 and 10. You need to use Java 8 for those.

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