Here is what we do to make Wurst the world's safest Minecraft hacked client:

Open Source

The Wurst Client is open source software and the complete Wurst 7 source code is available on GitHub for everyone to see. We have nothing to hide!

No Obfuscation

When we say that we have nothing to hide, we mean it! Unlike our competitors, we don't use any obfuscation whatsoever.

This means that you can always decompile Wurst and see what it's doing, even when you don't have the source code. Also, this means you can always verify that Wurst is actually based on the source code that we give you and it's trivially easy to spot fakes.

Encrypted Alt Manager

Wurst's Alt Manager saves your alts in an encrypted format, while most other clients store them in plain text. This makes the Wurst Client more resistant against viruses and people who try to steal your Minecraft accounts.

Scanning for Viruses

Wurst has zero false positives and we will keep it that way. Try it for yourself - scan Wurst! Scan it with everything you have! Wurst has been scanned with every antivirus program known to man, including VirusTotal, Kaspersky, BitDefender, MalwareBytes, Windows Defender and so many more.