If you like my work and want me to continue doing it, consider making a donation. Your support allows me to keep the lights on and justify the time and effort spent developing Wurst.

Donate via Ko-fi

Donate via Ko-fi

If you join the "Cape Tier" on my Ko-fi page, you will get an in-game Wurst Cape as a thank you for your support. Wurst Capes can be seen by you and other Wurst Client users, as long as they are using a reasonably up-to-date version of Wurst.

Wurst Capes FAQ

What does the default Wurst Cape look like?

The default cape shows the Wurst logo over a TNT block lit on fire by flint and steel. When using elytra, the cape gives you sausages instead of wings.

Default Wurst Cape

Can I get a custom Wurst Cape instead of the default one?

Yes. If you have a custom cape image that you would like to use, you can send it to me and I will set it up for you. Please note that the image must be in PNG format and have a resolution of 64x32 pixels.

How long does it take before I can see my Wurst Cape?

When you join the Cape Tier, I will ask you for your Minecraft username or UUID. Once you've told me that, I will manually add your account to the list of Wurst Cape owners. This usually takes less than 24 hours.

Could I get banned from a Minecraft server for using a Wurst Cape?

Wurst Capes have been around for many years and I have never heard of anyone getting banned for using one. But it is theoretically possible.

What is your refund policy?

Simple: If you're unhappy with your membership for any reason, let me know within 30 days of payment and I'll give you a full refund. This means you can always get a refund for the current month of your membership, but not for any previous months. When you get a refund, your Wurst Cape will be deactivated immediately.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. For the rest of the month, your Wurst Cape will remain active and you will still be able to request changes. After that, there is a 30 day grace period where your Wurst Cape remains visible, but you can no longer request changes. After that, your Wurst Cape will be deactivated. Because deactivating Wurst Capes is a manual process, it might not always happen immediately after the grace period.

Is there a settings menu where I can toggle or customize my Wurst Cape?

Currently, no. I might add one in the future, but for now, you will have to contact me if you want to change or disable your Wurst Cape.

Can I see my Wurst Cape in the Minecraft launcher or on

No. Wurst Capes are not like Mojang's official capes. They won't show up in those places.

Donate via PayPal

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