Wurst 7.38 - More Entity Filters, New Blocks Support, Bugfixes
released October 23, 2023; updated November 8, 2023

This version of the Wurst Hacked Client is available for Minecraft 1.20.2 and 1.20.1, as well as snapshots 23w45a, 23w44a, 23w43a and 23w42a.

✔ This version is safe from the Log4Shell exploit.


  • ChestESP now supports decorated pots and crafters in Minecraft 23w42a and later versions.

  • X-Ray now shows decorated pots and crafters by default in Minecraft 23w42a and later versions. (Remember to reset your X-Ray list when updating from an older version.)

  • Replaced the “Filter animals” setting with “Filter passive mobs”. This new filter will no longer include wolves, bees, polar bears, and pufferfish, since they are not really passive. It’s otherwise identical to the old animal filter.

  • Replaced the “Filter monsters” setting with “Filter hostile mobs”. This new filter will no longer include endermen, non-brute piglins, and zombified piglins, since they are not really hostile. It’s otherwise identical to the old monster filter.

  • Added a “Filter neutral mobs” setting. This new filter has a third option that detects when the neutral mobs are aggressive and filters them out only while they’re peaceful.

  • Replaced the “Filter pigmen” setting with “Filter zombie piglins”. This new filter has the same third option to detect when the zombified piglins are aggressive.

  • Added a “Filter piglins” setting to filter out regular piglins (except for brutes). This filter has the same third option to detect when the piglins are aggressive.

  • Added a third option to the “Filter endermen” setting to detect when they are aggressive.

  • Added a “Filter bats” setting that filters out bats and any other ambient mobs that might be added by other mods.

  • Added a “Filter passive water mobs” setting that filters out most fish, as well as squids, dolphins and axolotls. Dangerous aquatic mobs like guardians, drowned, and pufferfish are not included.

  • The “Filter babies” setting now includes tadpoles.

  • Updated the “Filter babies” setting’s description to clarify that it doesn’t affect baby zombies and other hostile baby mobs.

  • The “Filter golems” setting no longer includes shulkers, since nobody other than Mojang thinks of shulkers as a type of golem.

  • Added a separate “Filter shulkers” setting.

  • Renamed the “Filter traders” setting to “Filter villagers”.

  • Added a “Filter zombie villagers” setting.

  • Added a “Filter slimes” setting (does not include magma cubes).

  • Added more MobESP settings to filter out hostile mobs, neutral mobs, passive mobs, passive water mobs, bats, slimes, pets, villagers, zombie villagers, golems, piglins, zombie piglins, endermen, shulkers, allays, and armor stands.

  • MobESP can now show armor stands, if enabled in the settings.

  • AimAssist and TriggerBot are now compatible with each other.

  • Added a “Check line of sight” setting to AimAssist. When enabled, AimAssist will only aim at entities that you have line of sight to. (#886 - Thanks to TejasLamba2006!)

  • Fixed the “Filter sleeping” setting not working correctly in Hypixel minigames. (#869 - Thanks to PeriodicSeizures!)

  • Updated the Japanese translations (#874 - Thanks to sabaadmin!)

  • Fixed KillauraLegit attacking through blocks.

  • Fixed tracers not rendering correctly when the player is in a vehicle. (#830 - Thanks to ThisTestUser!)

  • Fixed Dolphin and Fish affecting the player’s movement on land if it’s raining. (#799 - Thanks to ThisTestUser!)

  • Fixed AntiBlind not preventing the darkness effect from changing the sky color if the player also has the night vision effect active at the same time. (#825 - Thanks to ThisTestUser!)


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Features in this release

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GUIs and how to open them

Wurst has more than just one GUI. You can choose whichever one you like best.

ClickGUI: (click to expand)

ClickGUI opens with the Right CTRL key. When opened, it displays a window for each category, which then contains a list of every feature in that category.

screenshot of ClickGUI visualization of Wurst's ClickGUI keybind (Right CTRL key)

Navigator: (click to expand)

Navigator opens with the Right Shift key. When opened, it displays a searchable list of every feature in Wurst.

screenshot of Navigator visualization of Wurst's Navigator keybind (Right Shift key)

TabGUI: (click to expand)

TabGUI does not have a default keybind. You can enable it by opening the Navigator GUI and searching for "TabGUI" (don't worry, you only need to do this once).

Once enabled, you can use TabGUI with the Arrow Keys to change the selection and Enter to toggle the selected feature.

screenshot of TabGUI visualization of Wurst's TabGUI controls (Arrow Keys + Enter)


All keybinds can be changed in-game. Go to Wurst Options > Keybinds or type .help binds in the chat.

Default Keybinds: (click to expand)
  • B -> FastPlace;FastBreak
  • C -> Fullbright
  • G -> Flight
  • Ö -> SpeedNuker
  • H -> /home
  • J -> Jesus
  • K -> MultiAura
  • N -> Nuker
  • R -> Killaura
  • Right CTRL -> ClickGUI
  • Right Shift -> Navigator
  • U -> Freecam
  • X -> X-Ray
  • Z -> Sneak

Translations (WIP)

Translations are unfinished and thus disabled by default. Go to Wurst Options > Translations to enable them.
If you want to help us translate Wurst, you can do so on Crowdin or GitHub.

Supported Languages: (click to expand)
  • Chinese (Simplified/Mainland)
  • Chinese (Traditional/Taiwan)
  • Chinese (Cantonese/Hong Kong)
  • Czech
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian


for Minecraft 1.20.2 + Fabric

IMPORTANT: You are currently viewing Wurst 7.38, which is an older version for Minecraft 1.20.2. For optimal performance and the latest features, we recommend downloading Wurst 7.41.2 MC1.20.2 instead.

Wurst Client v7.38 MC1.20.2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.38-MC1.20.2.jar Fabric icon Fabric API v0.90.4+1.20.2

Additional files:

for Minecraft 1.20.1 + Fabric

IMPORTANT: You are currently viewing Wurst 7.38, which is an older version for Minecraft 1.20.1. For optimal performance and the latest features, we recommend downloading Wurst 7.41.2 MC1.20.1 instead.

Wurst Client v7.38 MC1.20.1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.38-MC1.20.1.jar Fabric icon Fabric API v0.90.4+1.20.1

Additional files:


Wurst 7 can be installed just like any other Fabric mod. Here are the basic installation steps:

  1. Run the Fabric installer.
  2. Add the Wurst Client and Fabric API to your mods folder.

Please refer to the full Wurst 7 installation guide if you need more detailed instructions or run into any problems.

Also, this should be obvious, but you do need to have a licensed copy of Minecraft Java Edition in order to use Wurst. Wurst is a cheat client, not a pirate client.