Wurst 7.27 - No More Chat Reports

This version of the Wurst Hacked Client is available for Minecraft 1.19.1, 1.19, and 1.18.2.

✔ This version is safe from the Log4Shell exploit.


  • Added NoTelemetry: Disables the forced telemetry that Mojang introduced in 21w38a.

  • Added NoChatReports (MC 1.19+): Much like the No Chat Reports mod by Aizistral, this feature disables the cryptographic signatures that since 1.19 are attached to your chat messages. This protects you from losing your Minecraft account due to chat reports and is enabled by default for your safety. (Technically, unsigned messages can still be reported to Mojang, but they are generally not considered valid evidence and it’s unlikely that any action would be taken on such reports.)

  • When you join a server that requires chat signatures to be enabled, Wurst will now show a warning screen that lets you choose whether or not to un-block signatures and join. This screen also displays some tips for how to stay safe when chat signatures are enabled. (MC 1.19+)

  • Removed Mojang’s dishonest “message trust” indicators that try to scare you away from unreportable chat messages. (MC 1.19.1-pre2+)

  • Added some real safety indicators that warn you about reportable chat messages. (MC 1.19.1-rc2+)

  • Removed Mojang’s stupid warning toast that pops up whenever you join a server that is protected against chat reports. (MC 1.19.1-rc2+)

  • Added a much more useful warning toast that pops up when you join a server that isn’t protected against chat reports. (MC 1.19.1-rc2+)

  • Funny how Mojang basically laid all the groundwork for warning users against chat reports, just backwards. I only had to invert the warnings’ spawn conditions and change the text a little. :)

  • When chat signatures are blocked, Wurst will pretend to the server that you have the No Chat Reports mod installed. This is so that the absence of your signatures does not raise suspicion. It also allows you to join servers that require the No Chat Reports mod. (MC 1.19+)

  • Wurst won’t pretend to have No Chat Reports installed while VanillaSpoof is enabled, since it would be impossible to have the mod without Fabric. (The chat signatures will still be blocked though.)

  • When you join a server that requires the No Chat Reports mod while Wurst is not pretending to have it installed, Wurst will show a screen with buttons to quickly fix your settings so that you can join. (MC 1.19+)

  • Added a “Pause on containers” setting to Killaura, MultiAura, FightBot, Protect and TP-Aura. When checked, they won’t attack while a container screen (chest, hopper, etc.) is open. This is useful for minigame servers that display chest-like menus.

  • KillauraLegit and TriggerBot will no longer attack at all when a container or even the player’s inventory screen is open.

  • AntiBlind now also blocks the Warden’s “darkness” effect. (MC 1.19+) (Thanks to warmbroke!)

  • .vclip <height> now accepts fractions, e.g. .vclip 2.5.

  • Added .vclip (up|down). Automatically figures out the correct height to clip through the floor or ceiling. (Thanks to C0derK1d!)

  • Added Czech translations for 167 strings. (Thanks to LUKISO2!)

  • Added French translations for 164 strings. (Thanks to Calvineries!)

  • Added Chinese (Mainland) translations for 21 strings and changed translations for 92 strings. (Thanks to FeyXieXzf, NianGaoLaLa, unlsycn, SistineFibelKen!)

  • Added Chinese (Taiwan) translations for 12 strings. (Thanks to m-riss!)

  • Added Cantonese (Hong Kong) translations for 14 strings and changed translations for 81 strings. (Thanks to SistineFibelKen and Jerrylum!)

  • Added Japanese translations for 10 strings. (Thanks to sabaadmin!)

  • Added Ukrainian translations for 15 strings. (Thanks to m-riss!)

  • Added German translations for 13 strings.

  • Fixed .gm, .say, ForceOP, /home and MassTPA sending their /commands as a chat message instead of running the command. (MC 1.19+) (Thanks to pcm1k!)

  • Fixed Striders getting slowed down whenever Jesus is not enabled. (Thanks to KosmX!)

  • Fixed a crash on startup when Tweakeroo (MC 1.19 port by plusls) is installed together with Wurst.

  • Fixed a crash when pressing F3 + Escape.

  • Fixed AntiBlind not blocking blindness correctly. (MC 1.19+) (Thanks to warmbroke!)

  • Fixed Jesus glitching out when trying to walk on waterlogged blocks.

  • Fixed Jesus not moving up when submerged in lava.

  • Fixed .annoy adding extra spaces to repeated messages. (MC 1.19+)

  • Fixed .annoy’s repeated messages being able to trigger Wurst commands.

  • Fixed a crash when getting kicked from a server while Wurst is disabled.

  • Removed NocomCrash. (MC 1.19+)

  • Fixed Navigator’s primary action button (the one at the bottom of the screen that usually says “Enable” or “Disable”) sometimes not updating its text properly.

  • Fixed chat signatures being generated incorrectly when using an alt. (MC 1.19+)

Features in this release

Hacks, Cheats, and Mods: (click to expand)
Chat Commands: (click to expand)
Other Features: (click to expand)

Want more? Suggest new features!

GUIs and how to open them

Wurst has more than just one GUI. You can choose whichever one you like best.

ClickGUI: (click to expand)

ClickGUI opens with the Right CTRL key. When opened, it displays a window for each category, which then contains a list of every feature in that category.

screenshot of ClickGUI visualization of Wurst's ClickGUI keybind (Right CTRL key)

Navigator: (click to expand)

Navigator opens with the Right Shift key. When opened, it displays a searchable list of every feature in Wurst.

screenshot of Navigator visualization of Wurst's Navigator keybind (Right Shift key)

TabGUI: (click to expand)

TabGUI does not have a default keybind. You can enable it by opening the Navigator GUI and searching for "TabGUI" (don't worry, you only need to do this once).

Once enabled, you can use TabGUI with the Arrow Keys to change the selection and Enter to toggle the selected feature.

screenshot of TabGUI visualization of Wurst's TabGUI controls (Arrow Keys + Enter)


All keybinds can be changed in-game. Go to Wurst Options > Keybinds or type .help binds in the chat.

Default Keybinds: (click to expand)
  • B -> FastPlace;FastBreak
  • C -> Fullbright
  • G -> Flight
  • Ö -> SpeedNuker
  • H -> /home
  • J -> Jesus
  • K -> MultiAura
  • N -> Nuker
  • R -> Killaura
  • Right CTRL -> ClickGUI
  • Right Shift -> Navigator
  • U -> Freecam
  • X -> X-Ray
  • Z -> Sneak


  1. Install Fabric (Loader).

  2. Add Fabric (API) to your mods folder.

  3. Add Wurst to your mods folder.

If you need more details or run into problems, check this tutorial.


for Minecraft Snapshots

1.19.1-rc3 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-rc3 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-rc3.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-rc3

Additional files:

1.19.1-rc2 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-rc2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-rc2.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-rc2

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre6 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre6 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre6.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre6

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre5 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre5 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre5.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre5

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre4 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre4 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre4.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre4

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre3 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre3 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre3.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre3

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre2 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre2.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre2

Additional files:

1.19.1-rc1 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-rc1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-rc1.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-rc1

Additional files:

1.19.1-pre1 (click to expand)

Wurst Client v7.27 MC1.19.1-pre1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.27-MC1.19.1-pre1.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.19.1-pre1

Additional files:

Wurst as a Torrent

This torrent contains all above versions bundled together (without the Fabric API). Open it in your torrent client to select which version(s) you want to download.

WARNING: Torrenting reveals your IP address to the public. Server owners *could* monitor this torrent and automatically ban IP addresses that have downloaded files from it. Consider torrenting over a VPN or some kind of proxy. (This problem only affects torrents. The "normal" downloads listed above are safe to download without a VPN.)

Wurst Client v7.27 for all Minecraft versions listed above

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