Wurst 7.22 - ArrowDMG, Microsoft Alts
released March 13, 2022

This version of the Wurst Hacked Client is available for Minecraft 1.18.2, 1.18.1 and 1.17.1, as well as snapshots 22w14a, 22w13oneblockatatime, 22w13a, 22w12a and 22w11a.

NOTE: Snapshot 22w14a has a tendency to crash at random. This is not a bug in Wurst. (MC-249933)


  • Added ArrowDMG: Massively increases arrow damage, but also consumes a lot of hunger and reduces accuracy.

  • Added support for Microsoft accounts to AltManager. Just type in your email and password as before. AltManager will automatically detect if it’s a Mojang or Microsoft account and log you in appropriately. (Thanks to EliteUn17y!)

  • AltManager uses Minecraft’s client_id for Microsoft logins instead of registering its own. This way, any login using Wurst will just look like regular Minecraft and not leave any evidence that Wurst was used.

  • Improved the error messages on AltManager’s “Direct Login” screen. All of the new messages are documented on the wiki. (You would be surprised how many things can go wrong during a Microsoft login.)

  • For now, AltManager still freezes the game while logging in. This is much more noticeable with Microsoft accounts, since the login process is so complex and involves connections to so many different servers. Expect each login to take 3-10 seconds, or up to 30 seconds if your internet connection is unreliable. More time is needed to improve performance and add a progress bar and cancel button.

  • For now, AltManager still saves the email and password of Microsoft alts and re-generates the tokens every time you login. More time and careful consideration is needed to improve the alt list file format so that it can save these tokens without completely breaking compatibility with older versions.

  • Added Cantonese (Hong Kong) translations for all 154 currently translatable strings. (Thanks to SistineFibelKen!)

  • Added Russian translations for 10 strings and changed Russian translations for 58 strings. (Thanks to PanForPancakes!)

  • Added Polish translations for 7 strings and changed translations for 3 strings. (Thanks to ZANX3Y!)

  • Added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translations for 4 strings. (Thanks to wosk0x01!)

  • Added German translations for 7 strings.

  • Added a “[right-click] to reset” tooltip on sliders.

  • Fixed a crash when AltManager doesn’t have permission to access its ‘.Wurst encryption’ folder. AltManager will now show an error message instead, telling the user to fix their file permissions and warning them that alts can’t be saved until then. AltManager remains usable even if permissions are not fixed, it just won’t save anything.

  • Fixed a typo in the Flight and CreativeFlight descriptions. (Thanks to pcm1k!)

  • Fixed Wurst’s AI not working below y=0. (Thanks to pcm1k!)

Included Features

Hacks, Cheats, and Mods (140)
Chat Commands (51)
Other Features (16)

✓ This version is safe from the Log4Shell exploit.

Default Keybinds (14)

These are the default keybinds when you first install Wurst. All of them are fully customizable!

  • B → FastPlace & FastBreak
  • C → Fullbright
  • G → Flight
  • ; → SpeedNuker
  • H → /home
  • J → Jesus
  • K → MultiAura
  • N → Nuker
  • R → Killaura
  • Right CTRL → ClickGUI
  • Right SHIFT → Navigator
  • U → Freecam
  • X → X-Ray
  • Y → Sneak
GUIs (3)

Wurst has more than just one GUI. You can choose whichever one you like best.


ClickGUI opens with the Right CTRL key. When opened, it displays a window for each category, which then contains a list of every feature in that category.

screenshot of ClickGUI visualization of Wurst's ClickGUI keybind (Right CTRL key)


Navigator opens with the Right Shift key. When opened, it displays a searchable list of every feature in Wurst.

screenshot of Navigator visualization of Wurst's Navigator keybind (Right Shift key)


TabGUI does not have a default keybind. You can enable it by opening the Navigator GUI and searching for "TabGUI" (don't worry, you only need to do this once).

Once enabled, you can use TabGUI with the Arrow Keys to change the selection and Enter to toggle the selected feature.

screenshot of TabGUI visualization of Wurst's TabGUI controls (Arrow Keys + Enter)

Supported Languages (10)

Translations are unfinished and thus disabled by default. Go to Wurst OptionsTranslations to enable them.

  • Chinese (Simplified/Mainland)
  • Chinese (Traditional/Taiwan)
  • Chinese (Cantonese/Hong Kong)
  • English (US)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian


for Minecraft 1.18.2 + Fabric

IMPORTANT: You are currently viewing Wurst 7.22, which is an older version for Minecraft 1.18.2. For optimal performance and the latest features, we recommend downloading Wurst 7.32 MC1.18.2 instead.

Wurst Client v7.22 MC1.18.2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.22-MC1.18.2.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.18.2

Additional files:

for Minecraft 1.18.1 + Fabric

IMPORTANT: You are currently viewing Wurst 7.22, which is an older version for Minecraft 1.18.1. For optimal performance and the latest features, we recommend downloading Wurst 7.25 MC1.18.1 instead.

Wurst Client v7.22 MC1.18.1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.22-MC1.18.1.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.18.1

Additional files:

for Minecraft 1.17.1 + Fabric

IMPORTANT: You are currently viewing Wurst 7.22, which is an older version for Minecraft 1.17.1. For optimal performance and the latest features, we recommend downloading Wurst 7.27.3 MC1.17.1 instead.

Wurst Client v7.22 MC1.17.1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.22-MC1.17.1.jar Fabric icon Fabric API for Minecraft 1.17.1

Additional files:

Wurst as a Torrent

This torrent contains all above versions bundled together (without the Fabric API). Open it in your torrent client to select which version(s) you want to download.

WARNING: Torrenting reveals your IP address to the public. Server owners *could* monitor this torrent and automatically ban IP addresses that have downloaded files from it. Consider torrenting over a VPN or some kind of proxy. (This problem only affects torrents. The "normal" downloads listed above are safe to download without a VPN.)

Wurst Client v7.22 for all Minecraft versions listed above

If you would like to help by seeding these torrents, a full list is available here.


Wurst 7 can be installed just like any other Fabric mod. Here are the basic installation steps:

  1. Run the Fabric installer.
  2. Add the Wurst Client and Fabric API to your mods folder.

Please refer to the full Wurst 7 installation guide if you need more detailed instructions or run into any problems.

Also, this should be obvious, but you do need to have a licensed copy of Minecraft Java Edition in order to use Wurst. Wurst is a cheat client, not a pirate client.