Wurst 7.18 - Experimental Translation Support, Bugfixes

WARNING: Minecraft versions older than 1.18.1-rc3 can be vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit if paired with an outdated version of Fabric Loader. New installations automatically get the patched version, but if you installed this some time ago, you might need to reinstall Fabric to get the patch.

This version of the Wurst Hacked Client is available for Minecraft 1.18.1, 1.18, 1.17.1, 1.18.1-rc2, 1.18.1-rc1, 1.18-rc4, 1.18-rc3, 1.18-rc1, 1.18-pre8, 1.18-pre7, 1.18-pre6, 1.18-pre5, 1.18-pre4, 1.18-pre2, 1.18-pre1, 21w44a, and 21w43a.

Note: Minecraft 1.18-pre2 and later versions require Java 17.

Note 2: The 1.18-pre4 version also works with 1.18-pre3. The 1.18-rc3 version also works with 1.18-rc2. The 1.18.1-rc1 version also works with 1.18.1-pre1. The 1.18.1-rc2 version also works with 1.18.1-rc3.


  • Added experimental translation support. This feature is currently disabled by default. You can enable it in the Wurst Options. Only hack descriptions can currently be translated.

  • Added Chinese (Mainland China) translations of all 137 hack descriptions. (Thanks to SistineFibelKen!)

  • Added Chinese (Taiwan) translations of 21 hack descriptions. (Thanks to SiongSng!)

  • Added Russian translations of all 137 hack descriptions. (Thanks to faseri!)

  • Added German translations of 37 hack descriptions.

  • Added some language-specific Easter Eggs.

  • Feature descriptions are now line-wrapped automatically. This means they will no longer look too wide in tooltips or too narrow in Navigator. Not having to place line-break characters manually also makes it easier to write translations for Wurst.

  • Fixed PlayerESP lines not rendering in the correct color.

  • Fixed MobSpawnESP sometimes crashing the game. (Thanks to thyraxx!)

  • Fixed AntiSpam breaking formatted chat messages. (Thanks to Mersid!)

  • Fixed AutoFarm not replanting cocoa beans if they were planted on stripped jungle logs.

Features In This Release

Hacks, Cheats, and Mods: (click to expand)
Chat Commands: (click to expand)
Other Features: (click to expand)

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  • Window-based ClickGUI (press Right CTRL to open).

  • Navigator (press Right Shift to open).

  • TabGUI (must be enabled through Navigator, use with Arrow Keys and Enter).


All keybinds can be changed in-game. Go to Wurst Options > Keybinds or type .help binds in the chat.

Default Keybinds: (click to expand)
  • B -> FastPlace;FastBreak
  • C -> Fullbright
  • G -> Flight
  • Ö -> SpeedNuker
  • H -> /home
  • J -> Jesus
  • K -> MultiAura
  • N -> Nuker
  • R -> Killaura
  • Right CTRL -> ClickGUI
  • Right Shift -> Navigator
  • U -> Freecam
  • X -> X-Ray
  • Z -> Sneak


  1. Install Fabric (Loader).

  2. Add Fabric (API) to your mods folder.

  3. Add Wurst to your mods folder.

If you need more details or run into problems, check this tutorial.


Wurst Client Fabric Mod .JAR

for Minecraft 1.18.1

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18.1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18.1.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.17.1

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.17.1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.17.1.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18.1-rc2

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18.1-rc2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18.1-rc2.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18.1-rc1

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18.1-rc1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18.1-rc1.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-rc4

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-rc4 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-rc4.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-rc3

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-rc3 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-rc3.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-rc1

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-rc1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-rc1.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre8

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre8 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre8.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre7

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre7 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre7.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre6

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre6 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre6.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre5

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre5 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre5.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre4

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre4 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre4.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre2

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre2 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre2.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 1.18-pre1

Wurst Client v7.18 MC1.18-pre1 File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC1.18-pre1.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 21w44a

Wurst Client v7.18 MC21w44a File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC21w44a.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

for Minecraft 21w43a

Wurst Client v7.18 MC21w43a File: Wurst-Client-v7.18-MC21w43a.jar (sources) (dev) (sources-dev) (Fabric API)

Wurst as a Torrent

This torrent contains all above versions bundled together (without the Fabric API). Open it in your torrent client to select which version(s) you want to download.

WARNING: Torrenting reveals your IP address to the public. Server owners *could* monitor this torrent and automatically ban IP addresses that have downloaded files from it. Consider torrenting over a VPN or some kind of proxy. (This problem only affects torrents. The "normal" downloads listed above are safe to download without a VPN.)

Wurst Client v7.18 for all Minecraft versions listed above

If you would like to help by seeding these torrents, a full list is available here.

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