Wurst 7.0pre23 - ExtraElytra, Trajectories, More Commands
released January 17, 2020

WARNING: This version can be vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit if paired with an outdated version of Fabric Loader. New installations automatically get the patched version, but if you installed this some time ago, you might need to reinstall Fabric to get the patch.


  • ExtraElytra is back!

  • Added proper descriptions to ExtraElytra’s settings.

  • Separated ExtraElytra’s “Easy fly” checkbox into a “Speed control” and “Height control” checkbox.

  • Trajectories is back! (Thanks to Mersid!)

  • Trajectories now also supports crossbows and tridents.

  • .features is back!

  • .addalt is back!

  • .damage is back!

    Note: .damage can no longer apply more than 3.5 hearts of damage at once. To get around this, simply run the command multiple times.

  • .getpos is back!

  • .setcheckbox is back!

  • .setslider is back!

  • .setmode is back!

  • Fixed Alt Manager always behaving as if you logged in successfully, even if the password is wrong.

  • Fixed Alt Manager not sorting the alt list properly.

  • Fixed a visual glitch on Navigator’s “Add Keybind” screen.

  • Fixed a visual glitch on Navigator’s “Remove Keybind” screen.

Working Features

Please keep in mind that this is just a pre-release! It doesn’t (yet) have all of the features of Wurst 7, or all of the features of Wurst 6. Only the following features are included in this version:

Hacks, Cheats, and Mods: (click to expand)
Chat Commands: (click to expand)
Other Features: (click to expand)

Want more? Suggest new features!


  • Window-based ClickGUI (which you can open by pressing Right CTRL).

  • Navigator (which you can open by pressing Right Shift).

  • TabGUI will be added back in later pre-releases.


See this tutorial for a more detailed explanation with pictures.

WARNING: Do NOT use OptiFine version HD U F4, it has a bug that breaks X-Ray. Use version HD U F3 instead.

  1. Download the Fabric installer with the following options:

    Installation for: Vanilla
    Installer version: or later
    Download installer: (choose either EXE or JAR)

  2. Run the Fabric installer as follows:

    Minecraft Version: (make sure it matches your Wurst version)
    Show snapshots: Yes
    Loader Version: 0.7.2+build.174 or later
    Select Install Location: (leave it at the default)
    Create profile: (leave it enabled)

  3. Download the Fabric API (for 1.15.2-pre1/pre2) (for 1.15.1) (for 1.15).

  4. Download Wurst (see download buttons below).

  5. Place both Wurst and the fabric API in your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder.


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