Wurst 6.23 - Better AutoFish, Bugfixes
released August 21, 2018

Wurst 6.23 - Better AutoFish, Bugfixes

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.


  • Added support for nether warts to AutoFarm.

  • AutoFish will now recognize enchantments and automatically select your best fishing rod.

  • Added a “Valid range” setting to AutoFish. Any bites outside this range will be ignored. Useful if you are fishing near other players, as this can stop AutoFish from detecting other people’s bites, but setting the range too low can stop your own bites from being detected.

  • Added a “Debug draw” setting to AutoFish. Visualizes your range and shows where bites are occurring. Useful for optimizing your “Valid range” setting.

  • Fixed disabling X-Ray sometimes causing the game to crash.

  • Fixed a rare crash when using OptiFine. (MC 1.12 OF)

  • Fixed the cross-platform Wurst installer not working with Java 9 and 10.

  • Fixed Freecam destroying redstone in singleplayer.

  • Removed the “Overfill inventory” setting in AutoFish. AutoFish will no longer stop fishing when your inventory is full, allowing you to collect the fished items in hoppers without having to change any settings.

  • Removed .give templates.



Basically just run the installer. See this tutorial for details.