Wurst 6.20 - ForceOP & Combat Improvements
released April 20, 2018

Wurst 6.20 - ForceOP & Combat Improvements

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.


  • Improved the GUI of ForceOP.

  • Improved the error message that ForceOP displays if all login attempts fail.

  • Added a “Filter flying” setting to Killaura so you can filter out flying bots from Watchdog, etc.

  • Increased the maximum value of Killaura “Range” setting to 10 blocks.

  • Added a “Priority” setting to Killaura so you can choose to prioritize targets by angle, by distance or by health.

  • Fixed PlayerESP Tracers not rendering in blue for players that are on your friends list.

  • AutoArmor can now consider the Protection enchantment when calculating armor strength. (optional)

  • AutoArmor will no longer try to swap armor pieces while the player is moving (though you can re-enable this behavior in the settings).

  • AutoArmor will now prefer armor pieces of better materials, even if the number of defense points is the same.

  • AutoArmor will no longer swap armor pieces in a predictable order.

  • AutoArmor’s delay between swapping pieces of armor can now be configured through a slider - or be disabled altogether by setting the slider to 0.

Update: Wurst 6.20.1

  • Fixed some compatibility issues with 1.12.2 servers. (MC 1.12 & 1.12 OF)

Update: Wurst 6.20.2

  • Fixed a crash when SpeedNuker’s mode cannot be loaded from the settings file.



Basically just run the installer. See this tutorial for details.

Also, this should be obvious, but you do need to have a licensed copy of Minecraft Java Edition in order to use Wurst. Wurst is a cheat client, not a pirate client.