Wurst 1.3.1 - Blink, BaseFinder, Clean Up

Wurst 1.3.1 - Blink, BaseFinder, Clean Up


  • Added multi-line tooltips in the ClickGUI.

  • The Wurst Options menu now uses vanilla Minecraft’s tooltips.

  • Added BaseFinder: Finds player bases by searching for man-made blocks.

  • Added Clean Up button in the Multiplayer menu: Cleans up your server list.

  • Added “Import Servers” button.

  • Redesigned the Wurst Options menu.

  • ServerFinder will now find less broken servers.

  • Slightly improved the Multiplayer menu, the Keybind Manager and the X-Ray Blocks Manager.

  • Added Options for the ArrayList.

  • Added Blink.

  • Finally replaced Only Mobs/Players with Target.

  • Added Packet Sneak.

  • ChestESP will no longer render more than 1000 chests at once.

  • Fixed the position of the “Steal Skin” button on small screens.

  • Smaller fixes and improvements.


Mojang has requested that I remove the downloads for this version because they contained part of Minecraft's code. I respect their decision and have fixed the issue in Wurst 6.6. As a result, downloads for any version older than v6.6 are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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