Wurst 1.0 - The ArenaBrawl hack is finished and Wurst is released!

Wurst 1.0 just came out. With that version, Wurst is no longer in Beta.


+New, completely rewritten ArenaBrawl hack!
+AutoTool - the nice version that switches back to your previous item.
+The AltManager now works with alts that have very long names.
*Changed the way some values are saved.
*Renamed Sprint to AutoSprint.
*Smaller fixes and improvements.

The ArenaBrawl hack does multiple things that make ArenaBrawl a lot easier.


  • A special Killaura that bypasses Hypixel’s AntiCheat, can attack healing totems and can use offensive skills (Fireball, etc.).
  • Special ESP and Tracers that show players and totems.
  • Renders a frame over the scoreboard that shows more information than the scoreboard.
  • Everything that works with healing totems also works with healing trees.

Before you use it, make sure you adjust the ArenaBrawl level slider. For the Fireball skill you need level 40, for Snowball, you need 20, etc.

Using it is pretty simple: Join a 2v2 arena and turn it on. When the game starts, it will start helping you. It will show you where all players and totems are by rendering a red or green frame around them. One of them will have a box instead of a frame and an arrow on the scoreboard. You should always follow the player/totem that has this box, because it’s the best target. Once you are close enough to an enemy player or an enemy totem, the Killaura will attack it. If it’s a player, it will also attack it with your offensive skill. If there is a player and a totem in your range, it will always attack the totem first. Remember to use your healing skill when you are low on health and your other skills when you need them. That is not automatic.


Note: The original downloads for this version had to be removed because they contained copyrighted code from Minecraft 1.7.2. This is a remake that doesn't contain the copyrighted code. Once installed, this version looks and feels exactly like the original. The only difference is that this version uses a modern Wurst 6 installer and creates a Minecraft launcher profile with a different name.

The installer contains the Wurst Client, but with all of the Minecraft code stripped out. This file would not work on its own, but when you run the installer, it takes your existing Minecraft installation and combines it with this file to create a working Wurst installation. This way, the file you download doesn't actually contain any copyrighted code.

You must have Minecraft 1.7.2 (not 1.7.10) installed in order for the Wurst installer to work. Even if you plan to use Wurst on 1.7.10 servers, it still needs the code from Minecraft 1.7.2 because that's what this Wurst version is based on.

Cross-platform Wurst installer .JAR

Wurst Client v1.0 MC1.7 for Minecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.10

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