BookHack (Force OP)

BookHack allows you to insert links that execute commands into writable books.

The nice thing about it is that no one can see that the book text is a link, so you can trick admins into executing /op <your_name> or /pex user <your_name> add * and normal players into executing /kill or /money pay <your_name> <lots_of_money>.


  1. Craft a writable book.
  2. Type some text into it. Preferably a URL so that people will click on it.
  3. Click Sign and give it a title.
  4. Click Command Link and type in your command.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Give it to the admin or to the person you want to troll.


  • You need Minecraft 1.8 on the server. Servers that run Minecraft 1.7 do not support books with links.

  • It’s not patched. Spigot is very slowly working on a patch, but they are nowhere near it. All others (Bukkit, Mojang, etc.) don’t even care about it.

  • Only admins can use admin commands. If you want to /op yourself, you must give the book to an admin, not just any random player.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to WiZARDHAX for making this tutorial.

Skype Tutorial ;)

someone on Skype complaining about BookHack not working despite never having used it

Please don’t be like this. At least give the mod a try before saying that it doesn’t work. Just like this random person on Skype, you will notice that it actually does work if you use it correctly.