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ExtraElytra is a mod that makes it easier to fly with the Elytra that Mojang added in Minecraft 1.9.


ExtraElytra has three different settings to make Elytra flying more enjoyable. They are all compatible to each other, so you can use them in any combination without causing problems.



Instant fly

Makes it easier to start flying with the Elytra. Instead of having to do some weird mid-air backflip, you can simply jump and start flying.

Easy fly

Lets you control your speed using the W and S keys and your altitude using the SPACE and SHIFT keys.

Stop flying in water

As the name says, this setting makes you stop flying in water. In vanilla Minecraft, you would keep flying and get stuck once you get into the water with an Elytra.


ExtraElytra bypasses everything. However, the “Easy fly” option may look suspicious and may eventually get patched by NoCheat+.


The settings of ExtraElytra, as of Wurst version 3.4.

The settings of ExtraElytra, as of Wurst version 3.4.


Version Description
v3.4 Added ExtraElytra.