Wurst 3.0pre3 - Bugfixes & More
released April 8, 2016

Wurst 3.0pre3 - Bugfixes & More

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.


  • NameTags will now allow you to see the nametags of sneaking players.

  • Added tutorial for TP-Aura.

  • Added tutorial for Trajectories.

  • Fixed AntiKnockback.

  • Fixed AutoBuild.

  • Fixed AutoSign.

  • Fixed BaseFinder.

  • Fixed BowAimbot.

  • Fixed BuildRandom.

  • Fixed ChestESP.

  • Fixed FastBreak.

  • Fixed Freecam.

  • Fixed HighJump.

  • Fixed Jesus.

  • Fixed NameTags.

  • Fixed InstantBunker.

  • Fixed NoSlowdown.

  • Fixed Overlay.

  • Fixed ProphuntESP.

  • Fixed SafeWalk.

  • Fixed Search.

  • Fixed X-Ray.

  • Fixed AutoReconnect, etc.

  • Fixed the Steal/Store buttons.

  • Fixed Wurst Capes.

  • Fixed the Wurst Options button.

  • Removed the default keybind for FastPlace.


If you get a crash: Delete modules.json in your Wurst folder (default location: %appdata%\.minecraft\wurst).

If that doesn’t help, update to the latest version of Java 8.


Mojang has requested that I remove the downloads for this version because they contained part of Minecraft's code. I respect their decision and have fixed the issue in Wurst 6.6. As a result, downloads for any version older than v6.6 are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.