Wurst 2.17 - Better Killaura, New Sliders, New Tutorials
released February 19, 2016

Wurst 2.17 - Better Killaura, New Sliders, New Tutorials

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.

Better Killaura

Attacking entities with Killaura while sprinting will no longer cancel the sprint. This allows you to move around more quickly in combat situations, which is useful for PVP.

This change will affect all of the following mods:

Killaura can still bypass NoCheat+, Mineplex AntiCheat and Hypixel AntiCheat with this change, but we have purposely not applied it to KillauraLegit in case any AntiCheat plugin will be able to detect it one day.

The log files will no longer be spammed with “20.0” or whatever your Killaura speed is. That was a debug output that we used in the development of Wurst 2.16.

We fixed the bug when using MultiAura together with Criticals that made you hop around all the time, even if no valid entities were nearby.

New Sliders

The Step mod now has a slider to configure its height. It can be set anywhere from 1 to 100 blocks, allowing you to step up really high.

Note that the YesCheat+ version of Step can still only step up 1 block.

HighJump also got a height slider that can also be set anywhere from 1 to 100 blocks.


Mojang has requested that I remove the downloads for this version because they contained part of Minecraft's code. I respect their decision and have fixed the issue in Wurst 6.6. As a result, downloads for any version older than v6.6 are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.