Wurst 2.11 - ClickAura, Better Performance, MenuWalk
released December 4, 2015

Wurst 2.11 - ClickAura, Better Performance, MenuWalk

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.


  • Lots of performance improvements, including a faster ModManager, CommandManager and FileManager.

  • Added ClickAura: Automatically attacks the closest valid entity whenever you click. Warning: ClickAuras generally look more suspicious than Killauras and are easier to detect. It is recommended to use Killaura or TriggerBot instead.

  • Added MenuWalk: Allows you to walk while viewing a menu (e.g. the inventory menu)

  • Added .repair Command: Repairs items in Creative Mode.

  • Improved Wurst capes and added support for Wurst HD skins. Those will hopefully be available soon.

  • Faster SpeedHack: It will now be 2.5x faster than sprint-jumping. Update: NoCheat+ patched SpeedHack in version 3.13.2. :(

  • AntiPotion will now block all bad potion effects.

  • Cleaned up lots of code.

Update: Wurst 2.11.1

  • Hotfix for MenuWalk crash.

  • Fixed a bug with options.json getting corrupted.

Update: Wurst 2.11.2

  • Fixed the version indicator still saying “v2.11”, causing the auto-updater to keep re-downloading v2.11.1.


Mojang has requested that I remove the downloads for this version because they contained part of Minecraft's code. I respect their decision and have fixed the issue in Wurst 6.6. As a result, downloads for any version older than v6.6 are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.