Wurst 1.9 - New Mods, Better Performance
released March 22, 2015

Wurst 1.9 - New Mods, Better Performance

WARNING: This old version is vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Do not use this in multiplayer without a patch.


  • Added AntiFire.

  • Added AntiPotion.

  • Added AutoSword.

  • Added an integrated bug report system.

  • ArrayList is now called ModList and is no longer based on a Java ArrayList.

  • Lots of performance improvements.

  • Fixed AutoArmor crashing when wearing heads or pumpkins.

  • .taco now works with Timer.

  • Fixed TriggerBot not calculating its range and speed correctly.

  • Fixed some typos.

  • Fixed Wurst News not moving properly.

  • Removed .RenameForceOPEvenThoughTheNameIsTechnicallyCorrect.


Mojang has requested that I remove the downloads for this version because they contained part of Minecraft's code. I respect their decision and have fixed the issue in Wurst 6.6. As a result, downloads for any version older than v6.6 are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.