How To Uninstall Wurst 6
A step-by-step guide that works on Windows, Linux and Mac!

Remove Wurst from the versions folder

  1. Wurst Client folders in .minecraft/versions folder

    Remove the Wurst folder(s) from your .minecraft/versions folder.

    • To get to your .minecraft folder, open Windows Explorer and type/copy %appdata%/.minecraft into the address bar.
    • Then enter the "versions" folder and delete the "Wurst" folder(s).
    • (If you are using Linux or Mac then the path to your .minecraft folder will be different. Please check the Minecraft Wiki for that part.)

Optional: Remove Wurst's settings

  1. .minecraft/wurst folder

    Go back up to your .minecraft folder and delete the "wurst" folder inside.

    • This folder contains all of Wurst's settings. If you are trying to fix something by reinstalling Wurst, you should probably delete at least the "enabled-hacks.json" file inside of this folder.