The OP-Sign mod allows you to Force OP yourself by placing a sign and right-clicking on it. You can also execute any other command by clicking on the sign, including /stop, /ban, etc.

A server running Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.5 without Spigot is required in order for this to work. Even if these criteria are met, it is always possible to run into a server that won’t work for some strange reason.

Video Tutorial


The easiest way to find servers that have the right version is to use the ServerFinder. The ServerFinder is basically a tool for finding large amounts of easy-to-grief servers within just a few minutes. Just press the ServerFinder button in the Multiplayer menu, type in a numeric server IP (like and press the Search button. For a more detailed tutorial with pictures, have a look at the ServerFinder wiki page.

You should now have a huge list of servers with green text showing their versions. Just look for one that has the correct version and join it. Now you need to get a sign, but don’t place it yet. You first need to turn on the OP-Sign mod (press LCtrl, then click the OP-Sign button in the Exploits window).

A new screen will show up that asks you to enter a command. By default, the command is set to /op YourName, which will give you OP on most servers. Just click the Done button and you’ll be fine.

Finally, you place the sign and right click on it. You should now be an OP on that server. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to click the sign multiple times. It’s actually better to click it only once because that creates only one message in the server logs, making it less noticeable for the server owner.

If doing this did not OP you on that server, it’s either a server with the wrong version (again: only Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.5 will work), a server with Spigot installed or one of those strange servers that won’t work despite meeting the requirements. Should this happen to you, please do not freak out and just try a different server.