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Adds, sets or removes the effects of the held potion. Accepts arguments in groups of 3 for the add and set modes. Can set multiple effects to one potion. Make sure it fits into the chat bar, or use Spammer to bypass this limit.


  • .potion add (<effect> <amplifier> <duration>)...
    Adds effects to the potion.

  • .potion set (<effect> <amplifier> <duration>)...
    Removes current effect and replaces them with the given effects.

  • .potion remove <effect>
    Removes effects from the potion.


.potion set invisibility 1 60 strength 25 75 would set the held potion’s effects to Invisibility for 60 seconds and Strength 25 for 75 seconds. This potion would then look like that:

A potion with Invisibility and Strength 25