Allows you to give yourself any item in Creative Mode, even if the /give command is blocked. NBT data is also supported.


.give (<item_name>|<item_id>) [<amount>] [<metadata>] [<nbt>]

<item_name> or <item_id> determines the item.

<amount> determines the quantity of the item. Defaults to 1.

<metadata> determines the metadata of the item. (e.g. the color of a wool block). Defaults to 0.

<nbt> determines the NBT data (Named Binary Tag) of the item. Defaults to an empty NBT compound.

Template Syntax

Besides the custom items, there are also some templates.

  • .give templates
    Shows the list of templates.

  • .give template <template_id> [<amount>]
    Gives you the item in the template, with an optional amount.


  1. Knockback Stick
  2. One Hit Sword
  3. Super Bow
  4. Super Thorns Chestplate
  5. Super Potion
  6. Griefer Potion