Other Wurst-Imperium Projects

Other Wurst-Imperium Projects

Hacked Clients

  • Wolfram (1.8 - 1.12)
    Originally made by ShadowSpl0it, now maintained by us.

  • ForgeWurst (Forge 1.10.2, Forge 1.12.2)
    A Forge-compatible version of Wurst.


  • Mo Glass (Fabric 1.14)
    Adds glass stairs and glass slabs to Minecraft.

  • BedFix (CurseForge link) (Forge 1.10 - 1.12)
    Makes it so that you can sleep in beds at any time.

  • WI Zoom (Forge 1.12, Fabric 1.14)
    The zoom from Wurst as a standalone mod.